The Syrian Crisiswhen we get stic

I’m sure everyone has now seen the shocking but sad image of three year old Aylan Kurdi on the beach and his lifeless body being taken away. I’m sure this has touched a cord with many people, especially parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents world wide. That could of been their child, their niece or nephew, their grandchild.


Aylan Kurdi was washed up on the beach after he was on a dingy with his mother, his father and his siblings. His father survived the tragic and harrowing incident. They were trying to escape the conflict of Syria in the last four years (2011)  of conflict and war over 200,000 people have lost their lives. More than 11 million have been forced to leave their homes.

Almost 4 million people have fled Syria since the start of the conflict, most of them women and children. It is one of the largest refugee exoduses in recent history. Neighbouring countries have borne the brunt of the refugee crisis, with Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey struggling to accommodate the flood of new arrivals. The exodus accelerated dramatically in 2013, as conditions in Syria deteriorated.

In Syria many children are unable to attend school, 10,000 Children have been killed and almost 6 million children are in need of humanitarian aid according to Save The Children.

Since the image of Aylan Kurdi has been in the media many appeals have been started to provide food, clothes and essential items for people in the refugee camps.

How would we all feel if it was the United Kingdom we were fleeing and countries where closing their boarders to us? How would we feel if the only way to keep our children safe from war, hunger was to take them across the borders, even though it could mean risking their life in a way we thought was safe.


We are living in a lucky country which is free from war and conflict. We have fresh food and water, we can buy new clothes, we can step out of our own door feeling safe. We have a benefits system which can help us when we get stuck. We have a lovely NHS system which is great when we are poorly and need medical care.

The people of Syria have nothing at the moment. No schools, no medical care, food struggling to get across the borders, their homes are being bombed and they are living around rubble from buildings which have been bombed!

And many people are not happy about letting refugees in OUR country!! I don’t blame them as charity starts at home, but also people are fearing for their lives. I wish the governments around the world would wake up and start to help!!!


A manic week!

This week has been mad, It has been a bank holiday weekend, it has been the last few weeks trying to sort out presents for DD’s 2nd birthday, Sorting out school uniform for DS, setting up a new Girl guide unit for Rainbows ,trying not to work and chasing the kitten around as she has a habit of hiding socks!!!!


As many of you know I gave up work, it really has not happened! I am busier than I was before I gave up being a part-time nanny!! I have lots of babysitting dates in the diary for September and have got my first booking for 2016!

I am not complaining at all! I am now looking into insurances to set up as a independent Child carer  and another qualification to do! Yes I am mad!

At work we have found a lovely quite little stream, it not a long walk but its all rocky which is not really good with the buggy despite it being a Bugaboo as it is very narrow in some places!


We have also been looking at things to do for DD’s 2nd birthday! We have booked The Gruffalo Experience at Bluewater for her birthday and the day after her birthday we will be of to London “to see the queen” according to DS!


A nice warm coat….

I needed a nice warm, waterproof and  Windproof coat for when DS goes back to school, so I can do the school run whilst still staying dry.  I looked at many different makes of coats and I ended up choosing Superdry Professional The Windhiker.

The coat is black with fleecy pink lining, and three nice size pockets to put my phone , door keys in and some loose change for that quick pop into the local coffee shop.
As there are a few weeks until school returns I thought I would try it before hand as with the typical British weather, the summer holidays have started with rain.
The windhiker is light weight but is also lovely and warm. It also folds up to a nice size so it could easily be placed under the buggy if need be.
The only down side to this coat is there is no hood, but to be honest that is a minor issue.
I know Superdry do different types of coats, some are Warmer, some are just waterproof and windproof. They also do a fab range of clothing too!
I think I have a new favorite coat make… Now to talk hubby round to the bigger warmer coat for when the snow comes ….

Actipatch Review

I am very excited about this product but also a tad cynical.

I was born I was born with a hole in my heart and had two open heart operations. I also suffered with Osteogenesis, also known as brittle bones. I was also on steroids for muscle weakness when I was around 4/5 years old. I still have stiff day’s where I find even moving slightly is slightly painful but with running around after DS (who is 4) and DD (who is almost 2) there is no time to rest.  I am hoping it will help with the back pain I suffer from almost daily due to lifting the children.

I can’t stay my back problems are 100% down to the two c-sections or epidurals I have had or my problems from when I was younger are resurfacing (all medical tests came back clear)  or If its my body’s way of saying I have done too much.

Actipatch is a clinically proven drug free technology which helps in the fight against chronic muscle and joint pain. It is easy to use according to the instructions and is pain free as it is a electromagnet pulse therapy through the loop . It lasts for 720 hours and has a on-off button which means you can use as and when you need to.

Actipatch is convenient long lasting pain relief , which is safe and easy to use. Compared to other leading pain relief medicines Actipatch works out £0.03p per hour of use compared to £0.41p per hour for another product. It works by  modifying the nerve signals which helps boost the blood flow which could help reduce inflammation and help to restore the injured tissue to a healthy state. It works by the loop being over the area of the pain. Actipatch currently retails at £19.99 in Boots stores, and they currently stock three different ones, which are knee pain, back pain and muscle and joint pain relief.


Day one 

Day one of using Actipatch I woke up this morning with a bad back and  I found it a bit tricky to put on as the sticky pads you need to use kept turning into each other, maybe I need somebody to help me. It is very easy to use once I had it in the right place and within a few minutes I was noticing the difference.My back felt a bit better and non achy. You do need to ensure the loop is on the area of the pain to gain any benefit.

Day two  

Today the back pain felt much better, I did get a slight twinge and manged to get the Actipatch on slightly easier than yesterday. I kept it on for most of the day as I found I couldn’t sleep with it on, i was worrying it would fall off, but there is me who never slept with headphones in my ears!

Day Three 

I am now three day’s in and I am 100% noticing the difference from  using normal pain killers and rubs to using Actipatch. This is a instant pain relief from the minute it is turned on, which I love. I am still finding the putting on a tad fiddly though, but I am sure with more practice and more time when DS and DD aren’t running around trying to fight with each other!! It will become a lot more easier to do.

Would I recommend this product? 

Yes, I would It also can reduce the swelling of any torn/ripped muscles and help improve movement. This product would be great for anybody about to have a hip or knee replacement surgery as it would be able to help them be in less pain. The only thing I would say it can or could be fiddly if putting it on your back without any help but apart from that it is amazing product.

Would I use it again? 

I still have a lot of hours left on this product, I would go out and buy it for myself as I  think it is worth the money. Now I just need to stop my friends from trying to sneak the Actipatch out of my house, I will have to direct them to the trail version for £2.95 or it is  currently on offer in  your local Boots stores or on-line.

Natural Baltic Amber Necklace Review


I’m a tad excited about this. I am very much a person and a mum who believes that natural products should be used to help with teething, headaches and illness.

I have been looking at Natural Baltic Amber for a while now and researching the pro’s and cons,there aren’t many con’s to be honest. Baltic Amber necklaces are a old-fashioned idea which in the last few years has made a come back with parents around the world.

But what is Baltic Amber?

Formed over 45 million years ago, Baltic Amber is an organic substance, a “fossil resin” produced by pine trees which grew in Northern Europe – from southern regions of the present day Scandinavia and nearby regions of the bed of the Baltic sea. The climate became warmer and trees started to exude big amounts of resin. Scientists say that amber is a fossil pine resin from this region that has achieved a stable state through oxidation

Baltic amber contains a relatively high amount of succinic acid, ranging from about 3% to 10%. Succinic acid occurs naturally in the body.And it  may act as an anti-inflammatory and relieve teething and joint pain. Whilst wearing the necklace or bracelet against the skin the body heat and the contact may be enough to absorb a sufficient amount of  succinic acid, which can help reduce pain from teething to arthritis.  It can also help with ADHD and Autism as it can also help calm and relax the child.

Even though DD is almost two teething hasn’t really hit her until now despite her having a few back teeth and a a few front teeth.  She is moody and grumpy. We have tried on the shelf teething powders and gels. Nothing has worked expect paracetamol and ibuprofen and to be honest I personally do not like over using medicine.She is currently getting two teeth at a time which could explain the moody and grumpy child I currently have.

The necklace we got came in a little drawstring bag and a certificate of authenticity. Delivery was less than 3 working days but it may be longer depending where in the world you are.   It is very easy to put on and with a good size clasp which is handy for a young child and it is easy to hold on to it doesn’t keep slipping out of my hand whilst I am trying to do it up. I was a bit worried that the string the amber is on would be weak and break but it is extremely strong and hard wearing. Prices start from £9.99 and come in necklaces, bracelets and anklets.

DD  has been trying the beautiful necklace for four day’s now (5th August) and have I noticed the difference?

Yes I have noticed a slight change in her behavior, She of course is still a little bit moody and grumpy (but that could also be because DS likes waking her up at 5.30 am!!!) but generally she is a lot happier and calmer. She wants to join in with activities, which before hand she was following me around like a little shadow whilst moaning despite her having pain relief ,and is even sleeping better, as the last few weeks DD has been waking up at 2/ 3 am, which now looking back must of been due to teething.  She now only wakes when DS wakes her or when she wakes up herself. DD doesn’t wear the necklace to bed or unsupervised as it can be a chocking hazard, but I think where she is calmer and less in pain during the day it is giving her a better nights sleep.DD loves wearing the Baltic Amber Necklace it is also light weight which is ideal for a little person.

23rd August… DD has been wearing the necklace now for just over two weeks, She is officially cutting 4 teeth in one go!!! The Natural Baltic Amber necklace has helped reduce the pain, made her a happier child. It has also helped her sleep much better. Don’t get me wrong she still is waking once a night in the last few days but that is amazing compared to the 4-8 times previously!

Whilst using the necklace we haven’t used any pain relief at all which I am pleased about as I really rather not use pain relief unless it is 100% needed.

I would recommend the Baltic amber to anybody who’s little ones are suffering from teething, it is a great natural pain relief product and it is great value for money.



holidays during term time…

This has been in the press quite a lot lately, that parents are being fined for taking their children out of school for a holiday in the sun.


It bothers me a lot that the price of holidays seems to double or even triple if you wish to take your child on a fabulous adventure and explore new country’s in the school holidays. I am all for taking your children out of school during school time if your not going to sit by the pool all day everyday.

There is so much to explore and do in different country’s, from exploring churches to temples, to the pyramids and niles  of Egypt.  It can be a educational experience for all.

Even though DS didn’t have to technically be in pre-school (legal age is 5 in the UK) we took him out during term time to go to Zante (see previous post!) it was amazing we went on a boat ride to see the turtles, and talked about where they lay eggs (Turtle island no doubt!) , what they eat and how long they could stay under water for.

We also tried lots of new Greek food and tried to say some basic words too, this was the whole time we was out in Zante. We have our holiday booked for next school holidays but I’m hoping to escape with the children and my aunt and my cousin for a break and yes I would take him out of school. I will explain to the head my reasons, and that it will be a educational visit and not just playing in the pool all week. I will even offer to do a holiday diary of all the things we have been doing, which will help improve and develop his handwriting. If she say’s no it will still be cheaper to pay the fine of £60 per adult living in the house the child lives.

starting to bond….

unnamed (11)

Getting children to get along and bond I think is one of the toughest jobs of a parent. DS was around 26 months when DD was born and he loved looking at her and trying to pick her up. I think he thought she was a doll. After a few days DS ignored DD as all she seemed to do was sleep! DD wasn’t very much of a sleeper during the day. DS wasn’t impressed when DD started rolling and crawling but once she started walking DS loved helping her try and walk and hold her hand. Now DD is coming up to 2 and DS was 4 in May, the arguments and annoying each other have come thick and strong! Almost every day is a constant battle between them both, DD moans and wines when she doesn’t get her own way, or if DS takes a toy she hasn’t even been playing with. DS moans and wines when DD takes a toy he is actually playing with, or breaks a tower he has built out of lego!

Yesterday whilst I was trying to tidy up they actually played really nicely with Playmobil Police station. I manged to get a rare photo.

It got me thinking about ways to help enhance their bonding, especially days when they just fight and fight.

 Ways to improve and enhance sibling bonding can happen in many ways from playing, to just chilling on the sofa to days out. Listening to their arguments when they tell you about them they may be small and silly to you but they are really serious to them, creating a sibling book of all the nice things they can do together, encourage taking turns, teaching respect between each other.

Scotney Castle

unnamed (10)

Today we visited the ever so lovely Scotney Castle. It is a lovely mansion with a old castle on the grounds. The grounds are amazing and very picturesque. There are sheep and cows to see in adjoining fields.Christopher and Elizabeth Hussey who lived in the mansion and when Christopher died he left the property to the National trust, The grounds where opened to the public and the mansion was opened to the public when Elizabeth passed away (a year after her death).

The grounds are quite hilly but that could be the way we went, the sign into the Castle/Mansion really made me laugh it was rules for a dog written as though you are talking to the dog and saying that if they behaved badly you and your owner would be asked to leave.

The staff are very helpful and it is helped  run by volunteers, who seem very interested in the mansion and castle.

DS and DD loved the discovery room,  with lots to do and see! we had lots of different types of butterfly’s to look at, animal fur to feel too!

Can not wait to go back!

unnamed (9)

Explaining Church to DS

I am not religious as such, I am more spiritual person.I take a bit of every religion and use it in my own way. I also practice witch craft (I’m a good witch honest), I love candles and the calmest it brings, I love the sound of water its so relaxing. I am not a outdoor person but I do enjoy country walks. I believe everything can come back good or bad to anyone.

I do not think there is one god, I do however think there is a heaven and reincarnation can happen. I believe life is what you make it.

On Saturday we went to church to celebrate a close friends daughters baptism, it was such a lovely day, DS and DD where very good in the church. Once we got home DS started asking question about “Why do you go to church?” “what is church?” “why did A have water over her head?”.

I explained simply that their are a lot of religions such as Christianity, Buddhism and many more lovely interesting religions.

I explained not everyone follows a religion and that is fine to do so, but we can enjoy how other people celebrate weddings, baptism and christenings.

He was quite happy with that explanation and asked “why do we not have a religion?” I said I am allowing DS and DD to make their own choices about which religion they wish to follow like Grandpa and Special Nana did with me.

and off he went to play….

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